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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Over Land - Introduction

Holy Mount Kailash Mansarovar
Religious voyages are mainly undertaken by individuals with the hope to clean their souls and wash away the sins they have committed in the past. Besides, some pilgrims undertake religious journey every year so as to open their mind and to attain salvation. Kailash Mansarover Yatra is the religious voyage that is undertaken every year by thousands of pilgrims from across the globe. Pilgrimage to Mt Kailash is an old tradition dates back to thousands of years and still this pilgrimage is undertaken every year by thousand of pilgrims to continue the tradition. Pilgrims of diverse religions undertake the religious journey to Mt Kailash and they have a believe that the holy circumambulation around Mt Kailash on foot is holy ritual and will bring good fortune in their next generations and help them to attain salvation. However, pilgrims of different religions have their own way of circumambulation. The pilgrims belonging to Hindu and Buddhist religion undertake circumambulation in clockwise direction, whereas the Jain and Bonpo pilgrims undertake circumambulation in counter-clockwise direction. The terrain for circumambulation is about 38Km in length and the terrain is quite dangerous and rough. All pilgrims need to complete the circumambulation around Mt Kailash on foot.

According to some devoted pilgrims the circumambulation need to be completed in a single day, but sometime it becomes quite difficult to complete it in a single day. It completely depends on the health and the fitness of the pilgrim and how fast they can walk. If you are fit enough and can walk at a constant speed continuously, then you can complete the circumambulation in 15 hours. The devoted pilgrims successfully complete the circumambulation around Mt Kailash without bothering about the uneven and rough terrain and harsh conditions. These pilgrims were extremely devout and complete the holy circumambulation without getting daunted by altitude sickness. Some of the other pilgrims are so devoted for this religious journey that they perform some demanding regime during the circumambulation like doing body length prostrations till the circumambulation is completed. In the process they bend down on their knees and then prostrate full length making a mark with their fingers, after that they rise again to their knees and pray and again crawl forward till the mark made by fingers and repeat the same process till the circumambulation is completed. To complete circumambulation in this way you will require around four days. Mt Kailash is situated in the remote and inhospitable areas of Himalayan range in Tibet. Therefore, you will hardly find modern amenities in this area, refreshment kiosks and resting places are offered around Mt Kailash.

Many religious Gurus have stated that stepping on the slope is the greatest sin that mankind can commit just because of the sacredness of the mountain setting. Besides, a legend has also claimed that anyone who will challenge this and try to climb the mountain will definitely die in the process. This is the reason why this is the only mountain in the Himalayan range that is still remained unexplored. The religious journey to Mt Kailash got disturbed between 1959 and 1980 because of the Chinese army invade Tibet and entered in 1950. Due to this reason the number of pilgrims has also reduced during this period. But, today only limited numbers of pilgrims are allowed to visit Mt Kailash. Indain pilgrims who want to visit Mt Kailash will be kept under strict supervision of Chinese and Indian governments. They take care of the lengthy official procedures of the pilgrims. It is very difficult and hazardous to travel to Mt Kailash. The pilgrims need to reach Tibet via Kathmandu Lhasa by flight and then on car or foot they need to reach Mt Kailash.

You may either take horse or trek on foot around Mt Kailash and the entire journey takes around three days. The trek will start at the height of 15,000 feet and via Domla Pass at 19,000 feet you will complete the trek and you will camp for two nights on your journey.


THE STAY- During the trip to KAILAS MANSAROVAR, CAMP INDIA provides 3 star deluxe to 4 star accommodation in Kathmandu and while further on way, the best available guest house. At other halts, where hotels or guest houses are not available, high quality tents with comfortable sleeping bags and trekking mattresses are provided.

THE FOOD- The food is one of prime importance during the complete trip. And hence a complete kitchen with experienced cooking staff travels along with the team. This ensures any time fresh, hygienic and tasty Indian vegetarian food. You will required to bring sufficient supplementary food like chocolates, biscuits, nuts, pickles, bhujias and your favorite tinned products to add variety to the meals, Packed lunch & light snacks. The guideline is simple, to serve with smile. The trip is a home away from home.

VISA & DOCUMENTATION- You must be in possession of valid passport for at least 6 months. We will obtain your visa for Tibet & will require the following information’s while making your reservation. Full name as it appears in your passport, passport number, date of expiry, place of issue, nationality, date of birth & occupation. Two passport size photographs are also required. Getting a visa for Tibet on the Indian passport is guaranteed once the tour is booked. Your passports should reach us not later than one month prior to your departure.

TRANSPORTATION- From DELHI (IGIT-3) to Kathmandu & back will be travelled through the international flight. In Nepal, private minibus will be provided for the group. Throughout the journey in Tibet you will be travelling in 4 WD Japanese vehicles/Volvo bus and A truck will be provided for luggage and all camping equipments & food supplies .

CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES- Clothing’s for both extremes of climates and temperature. While driving to kailash, it will be warm inside the vehicle and light clothing will be required, but as soon as you step out of the vehicle, warm clothing will be required to keep off the cold winds of the Tibetan plateau. Evening will be generally cold and warm clothing will be required. We recommend that you bring along the following clothing and accessories with you:

What To Carry:
  1. Down jacket- one
  2. Warm thick pullover- one
  3. Warm thin pullover- one
  4. Warm pants- two
  5. Light loose cotton pants- two
  6. Warm windproof jacket- one
  7. Cotton full sleeve T-shirts- four
  8. Thermal under pants/long- two
  9. Thermal vest/ warm full T-shirts- two
  10. Raincoat with hood/poncho- one
  1. Ankle high walking boots.
  2. Light tennis shoes & light rubber sandal
  3. Warm woolen socks- six
  4. Large cotton or silk scarf- one
  5. Warm gloves
  6. Soft paper tissue and handkerchiefs- plenty
  7. Towels
  8. Personal first-aid kit.
  9. Toilet kit, nail clipper, scissors
  10. Flash light with extra batteries (3 set).
  1. Sunglasses, sunhat, monkey cap, woolen gloves.
  2. Water bottles- unbreakable (min 2 Ltrs.)
  3. Note book, pen pencils.
  4. Camera, film, batteries for electronic camera.
  5. Binoculars recommended.
  6. Rain gear-your raincoat should be roomy and have a water proof hood.
  7. Pocket knife, sewing kit, ped lock, buttons, towel, bags (a few of each size strong) dustmasks , strong sun cream & chapstick, moisturizers, money pouch/belts etc.
  8. Head torch
  9. Walking stick can be purchased in Kathmandu.
Down Jacket / Sleeping Bag / Day Pack / Route Map.
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